350 Target Profiles: endless new possibilities

Our Snappy Research platform allows you to communicate with people in real time, with more accuracy and variety. This unique online platform can set multiple predefined targets with accelerated response times and assistance from an in-house team of experts. It provides you with high quality results that enable you to respond to all your market demands, with the agility that you need. These functionalities are revolutionising the future of market research and decision making processes within teams and marketing departments, and we want to continue championing this change! We’ve made some changes that will give you even better functionalities: accessing new and more diverse profiles, setting multiple targets, and visualizing the results for you! Why should our platform be part of your daily work tools?  


1. It represents more people, better

  We’ve ensured the representativity of our panel, so, how does that benefit you? Bigger samples allow for more accurate interpretations and more segmentation of your results, giving you the chance to place bigger and more varied targets. You don’t need to limit your selection, our platform has access to audiences that are truly hard to access. Snappy connects you with the people that matter to you and your company, even with defined and specific targets, our panel size gives you access to an endless number of profiles.

“Snappy doubled the size of its panel twice in less than one year, thanks to its commercial success and the desire for innovation within market research itself.” Agustín Mercuri our Global Head of Sales. (Hear more from him here)


2. One research project, multiple diverse targets

  With more than 350 predefined targets, you can now connect with the people that matter, faster. Snappy gives you real and efficient answers to accompany you through important decisions: not just for your team and your product, but also guides your creative process when you’re still exploring your market. You’ll be able to define your target in terms of their lifestyle, their habits and their sociodemographic characteristics. For example, find the people who describe themselves as having an ecological lifestyle, or alternatively identify the habits of your consumers and differentiate between the self-professed fast food fans, the foodies, or the traditionalists (who will always go to their trusted, delicious restaurant). In fact, we just published a Food Report exploring dietary habits in Spain in collaboration with ESADE. Our in house research team can help you define what you’re looking for, or you can do it yourself and look for your target group here  

3. Use the platform or use us 

  Snappy is in constant evolution. We strive to complement your decision making processes, guaranteeing that every business and marketing decision you take will be informed by your customers’ voice. We want you to rely on real data, in real time.  The following innovations are currently at your reach:
  • The age of the panelist is shown as a range rather than in pre-established intervals: you’ll be able to select the ages you’re interested in with precision.
  • You can combine multiple targets in a single campaign!
  • A beta version of the word count for open ended questions is available, displayed automatically and in real time.
  • Numerical questions are represented graphically, grouping values and now allowing for decimal values.

Real, relevant and accurate data, in your hands in 3 hours to inform and guide your team through any decision. 

  Interested in trying out all these new features? Check out our website, and if you want a demo of our platform email info@snappyresearch.com or fill out our contact form.