What corporations can learn about innovation from startups

Our Chairman, Jordi Ferrer, was invited to PepsiCo to give a talk on the reality of startups. With 17 years of experience in global management positions within large multinational corporations, and having founded his own startup in the field of Market Research, Jordi has the perspective and knowledge to be able to understand the challenges […]

AD HOC: Why you need a little spontaneity

Understand how Ad Hoc research can and should be a part of your work, day by day. Research is historically divided between quantitative and qualitative methods and in market research specifically, we see a further division between syndicated (panel based studies) and ad-hoc studies. So far, ad-hoc studies are used under careful consideration, as market […]

Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing is a relatively new method within marketing which is inspired by the agility of the software development industry, and has grown exponentially in the last 10 years. As with software development, agile marketing is based in iterative processes, based on collaboration, auto-organisation, with the client as the main focus point guiding the work […]

350 Target Profiles: endless new possibilities

Our Snappy Research platform allows you to communicate with people in real time, with more accuracy and variety. This unique online platform can set multiple predefined targets with accelerated response times and assistance from an in-house team of experts. It provides you with high quality results that enable you to respond to all your market […]