Snappy helps you make right decisions in different marketing areas: market and segments, product and innovation, image and brand, communication, price and promotions or distribution. It allows you to design your research projects when and how you want, immediately launching them to multiple targets representative of consumers. Close your projects in less than 3 hours!

Examples of use

Use Snappy as a market research tool during the entire Marketing process, from the most strategic part such as studies of uses and attitudes, validation of innovation or branding area, to the most tactical of the 'go to market' to validate your communication strategy, marketing campaigns, point of sale materials, etc.

Basically, our customers use Snappy to:

  • Replace traditional research and do it in a more efficient way.
  • Conduct urgent and rapid market research when faced with some unexpected decision.
  • Avoid opinion or hierarchy based decisions by integrating Snappy in their usual decision-making process. 


Market & Segments

  • Market sizing
  • Uses & Attitudes in your category and among your consumers
  • Customer segmentation
  • Segmentation of consumption occasions 
  • Size your market and existing segments.
  • Learn about the forms, habits and moments of any product or variety consumption.
  • Visualise the forms of consumption through images.
  • Know the product or service purchasing process.
  • Measure the influence and role of digital channels.
  • Complement and extend existing U & A.
  • Resolve doubts and questions you have about the category and your segments.


Case Studies

To define the strategy of one of its "core" segments, dolls for girls, Mattel conducted a study on the playing habits among buyers of the category. This covered issues such as favourite products / brands, which were the most common in the games, the drivers of the category for both the target of use and the purchase, the expected benefits and the role of the brand in that ecosystem


Mattel España

Image & Brand

  • Brand image and reputation studies
  • Funnel and brand positioning
  • Pre-test of brands, slogans or logos
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Testing and validation of brand attributes for your brand image study. 
  • Measuring brand health and key metrics of your brand and its competitors
  • Monitoring possible consumers behavior changes due to your actions or those of the competition.
  • Pre-test and validation of brands and sub-brands naming, logos, etc. 
  • Measure the impact of news and events on the brand.
  • Gathering data on public opinion about news or events.
  •  Measure the real impact of RSS mentions on your brand reputation. 

Case Studies

In order to secure or redefine the strategy of the Flor brand, Reckitt Benckiser wanted to update its main brand indicators and those of the competitors: awareness, usual brand, purchase intention, brand image, drivers when purchasing in the category, advertising notoriety (association with brand and memory of contents)... etc.


Reckitt Benckiser, Spain

Product & Innovation

  • Concept screening
  • Pre-test of concepts, products and packaging
  • Immediate measuring of product launch performance 
  • Understand consumer preferences between different product alternatives or varieties. 
  • Fast concept screening to determine the "winner" and discarded ones. 
  • Regular pre-testing of concept, product or packaging.
  • Identify areas of improvements in concepts and product ideas.
  • In-market measurement of launch notoriety, the sources and levels of adoption of the new product / service.

Case Studies

Real-time testing of new concepts for products / services that came up during the innovation workshops organised by Nestlé's Market Intelligence & Innovation team. The concepts were evaluated to measure the degree of novelty, relevance and intention to purchase/use. This work has revealed the potential for new projects relevant to the company


Nestlé España

Price & Promotions

  • Validation and pre-testing of offers and promotions
  • Measurement effectiveness of product promotions
  • Strategy evaluation and price sensitivity measurement 
  • Pre-testing and validation of offers or product promotions. 
  • Measurement of impact of on-going promotional activity.
  • Growth monitoring and measurement of new promotional campaigns effectiveness.
  • Analysis of different pricing options and strategies.
  • Pre-selection of the factors to be taken into account in a conjoint analysis (analysis of the offer's configuration) according to the importance given by the clients.
  • Delimitation of the price levels (maximum and minimum) to be tested in a conjoint or BPTO analysis.

Case Studies

For its range of products under its new brand PASTALOVER, Pastas Gallo wanted to define the re-launch strategy and the combination of price, promotional price and varieties included in the promotion that would optimise the value for the consumer, as well as the return for the company in terms of product purchase frequency.


Pastas Gallo


  • Prioritisation of channels and points of contact
  • Pre and post advertising testing
  • Immediate measurement of the impact of your campaign, actions or events
  • Validation and pre-testing of different ideas, creative pieces, banners, etc. at any level of definition.
  • Identification of key channels, days and time slots to maximise your return.
  • Measurement of the campaign, action or event performance and its correction before it ends.
  • Set up your PR actions based on the preferences of your clients (favourite celebrities, locations, types of actions ...).



Case Studies

In the context of launch and promotion of new car models, Opel wanted to make sure that key communication messages meet basic criteria and can be brought into the television campaign. To achieve this, they decided to measure indicators as general liking, liked and disliked elements, transmitted values ​... as well as discriminating which of the tested executions obtained better results.


Opel España


  • Basic study of the buyer and the purchase process
  • Test of the point of sale material
  • Information for negotiation with the distributor
  • Identification of the main purchase channels for your product and consumer motivations.
  • Detection of the best time slots or days to reach greater influx of public in your channels.
  • Testing of point-of-sale materials on a regular basis.
  • Carrying out improvements before final implementation.
  • Confirming the visibility of your materials at the point of sale.
  • Measuring customer satisfaction at the points of contact with your product / service.
  • Gathering information and data analysis in order to share it with distributors.



Case Studies

The company needed to validate a serie of hypotheses in relation to the market trend of the condom category and the motives of the user reasons that could provoke it. The fact that the category is sold both by modern distribution and pharmacies complicated the understanding of the category movements and, therefore, the possible transfer between them was also a very important point to validate with the test performed through Snappy.


Reckitt Benckiser, España

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