Consult the target when making a marketing or business decision and obtain the necessary information in 3 hours, making it really useful and actionable.

Market research in 3 steps. In just 3 hours.

Ask your consumer and start making smart decisions now

Intelligent real time market research

A unique model based on personalised expert support during the configuration process and predefined targets that respond via mobile. Get reliable results of the highest quality in just 3 hours.

SELECT. Find your target.


Define your target from over 350 profiles of a representative panel, combine it according to the sector, lifestyle, habitual user of a service, etc..., segment it demographically and socially to obtain the most accurate profile for your research. Adjust the size of the sample to your type of study and / or exclude panellists from previous studies.

CREATE. A smart research.

Configure the questionnaire autonomously or with our expert support, ask your selected target questions using visual or auditory stimuli that best suit the needs of the research. Short or long open response questions, multiple answers, matrix, ranking, multiple scoring, video, images... A wide range for accurate market research.

LAUNCH & DECIDE. Build strong decisions.

Make smart decisions instantly. The representative target receives and answers the questionnaire by mobile, allowing you to obtain results in real time and close your projects or decisions in just 3 hours. Graphically and visually analyse your data.

Main features for the analysis of results

Real time dynamic results

The graphs and tables with the results are taking shape as the answers enter.  Get results in minutes by launching projects with large samples.

Socio-demographic filter

Expand the reading of your results using the socio-demographic filters (sex, age, habitat, level of education, etc).

Customise the table headers

Make the cross references you want and get the tables added according to the questions selected.

Significant differences

We highlight whether the differences between the results are statistically significant.

Data export

Obtain clear and attractively designed results, exportable in excel, pdf, png, or in gross and aggregate tables. If you are an advanced user, you can request an SPSS.

Share the results with the entire team

Share the results obtained with your team and close your projects in record time.

 And if you have any questions, consult our team of experts or ask for your personalised support.


Unique market characteristics


Get reliable results in 3 hours thanks to our MOBILE ONLY panels. Your target will respond only via mobile at any time and from any site, making engagement with the project easier and providing better information for you.


Create your questionnaire and interpret the results with our easy and intuitive interface. If you need it, you can access our expert support both in the process of creating and editing the questionnaire and in the analysis of the results.


Thanks to technology and our Marketing and Research expertise, we have been able to disintermediate the whole research process, substantially reducing the cost per project.

When to use Snappy

Basically, our customers use Snappy to:

  • Replace traditional research and do it in a more efficient way.
  • Conduct urgent and rapid market research when faced with some unexpected decision.
  • Avoid opinion or hierarchy based decisions by integrating Snappy in their usual decision-making process. 

Start using Snappy and launch your first research project

You´ll be provided with a personalized support throughout the entire configuration process.

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