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What determines the price of the research

Sample size

Because the panellists who participate in the research receive remuneration.

Selection of profiles

Because the more specific the selected target, the greater difficulty we have in capturing it at that moment.

Number and type of questions

Because the remuneration of the panellist depends the length of the survey. More questions or longer questions, more incentive.

Estimation of prices based on type of studies


Simple market research, without sociodemographic readings, with 10 questions and sample size of 200 people. National representative or high penetration profiles.


10 questions and sample size of 500 people, of national representative or high penetration profiles. Includes different sociodemographic readings.


Up to 10 questions and more precise selection of the consumer profile, with specific or low penetration target. Includes different sociodemographic readings.

950 €

1.900 €

4.600 €

Choose your plan and save money

    • Type of company
    • Price
    • Payment type
    • Discount
    • Support
    • Return period
    • Agreement
    • Features
    • Type of company

      Start-ups, consultants

      Simple researches

      From 2 to 3 projects per year

    • PricePer project
    • Payment typeCredit card or bank transfer
    • DiscountNo
    • SupportNo
    • Return periodNo
    • AgreementTerms on the web
    • FeaturesAll included
    • Type of company

      Large companies and corporations

      Comprehensive research

      Marketing departments

      From 1 project per month to
      1 project per week

    • PriceFrom 12.000€
    • Payment typeMonthly payment option
    • DiscountYes
    • SupportFree pack of hours
    • Return periodStarting from 1 month
    • AgreementAccording to contract
    • FeaturesAll included


When to use Snappy

Basically, our customers use Snappy to:

  • Replace traditional research and do it in a more efficient way.
  • Conduct urgent and rapid market research when faced with some unexpected decision.
  • Avoid opinion or hierarchy based decisions by integrating Snappy in their usual decision-making process.

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